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First Focal Plan


A FFP Scope, is a scope in which the reticle has been placed at the front of the erector. The advantage of this type of scope, is that the reticle sub-tensions are always true.

March currently offers 6 scope models with this design. This is ideal for Tactical, Hunting, Certain Competition Styles, and Rapid Engagement Scenarios.

First Focal Plan Scopes.

High Master Scopes

Second Focal Plane Scopes

NEU 2020

Mini-Genesis ELR High Master

The Mini-Genesis is capable of parallax from 20 meters to infinity, in a 10 times zoom ratio (4 – 40 Power). The multi patented Gimble and Slider Seal Technology allows for 86+ Mils of Elevation, and 28+ Mils of Windage.