FFP Rifle Scope.

The Mini-Genesis is the next evolution in scope design and engineering. The original Genesis started in late 2016, and the Mini-Genesis is the result of 4+ years trying to solve the problem of how to build an internal adjustment scope capable of shooting 2 miles and beyond. A group of dedicated world class shooters, from around the world got together with a team of highly skilled engineers at Deon who took on the challenge. After thousands of miles traveled, performance testing all over the world and across multiple calibers, and countless design changes the Genesis was born.

The Mini-Genesis is the next evolution in that scope design. A rifle scope with unrivaled specifications.

The Mini-Genesis is capable of parallax from 20 meters to infinity, in a 10 times zoom ratio (4 – 40 Power). The multi patented Gimble and Slider Seal Technology allows for 86+ Mils of Elevation, and 28+ Mils of Windage. Because of the mechanical design of the movement, the opitcal line of sight is always centered on the front objective. Providing for the highest quality image, no matter how much elevation is traversed. This scope is equipped with the High Master Lens System for a cleaner higher quality image than traditional systems. This scope also has a wide angle rear objective, allowing for a more lenient exit pupil at high magnification.

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