MARCH 5x-42x56 High Master.

FFP Rifle Scope.

The MARCH 5x-42×56 HM was developed for serious competition shooters. 8.4 Magnification Ratio with First Focal Plane Scope. Use with the High Master Lens. Objective Lens System with Temperature Anti-Drift Lens System, 26 Degree Wide Angle (Large Eye Box) Eyepiece View, Use fast pitch eyepiece setting. One-turn 50MOA large size elevation dial, the same used in the GENESIS Scope.

3 choices of reticle are first focal plane (FFP) design intended for competition with precise holdovers without overpowering the sight picture.

Center dot and cross are illuminated with .2 mrad and .5 mrad hash marks. Outside of the 2 mrad mark, the small hashes below the main line are at the same 0.2 mrad increment. There is a small gap to the right of the 2 mrad mark.

Then the thicker line starts at 2.2mrad and goes on: 2.4, 2.6, 2.8, 3, etc. 0.5 mrad hashes above the main line will help with quick lead holds.

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  • Effective Lens Diameter  - 56mm
  • Body Tube Diameter - 34mm
  • Exit Pupil Diameter: 5.2mm at 5x, 1.33mm at 42x/li>
  • Eye Relief  - 70-90mm
  • 1 Click: 1/4MOA, One Turn: 50MOA
  • Windage Travel  - 50 MOA
  • Focus - Side Focus
  • Distance  - 10 m to infinity
  • Total Length  - 358mm
  • Weight  -   950g

FML-3 illuminated (5x)

FML-3 illuminated (42x)